Radial distribution of galaxies in cluster

As a continuing work based on the heat bath paper that I published, I am working on a simple toy model of self-gravitating system at the centre of a deep gravitational potential well, which behaves as a thermal heat bath and increases a velocity dispersion of the embedded system. Then this system is not bound by the system’s self-gravity but bound by the surrounding external potential well. I derived an equilibrium density profile of the system and compared to the Coma cluster galaxy radial distribution. Based on a ‘chi^2 by eye’, it gives an equally good fit to the data as King model does. However this self-gravitating system surrounded by a deep potential well is more realistic description of the cluster galaxies than King model. I am preparing a paper to introduce the new model with some theoretical backgrounds and observational applications.


~ by ilsangyoon on March 28, 2012.

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