Working on the second paper and poster for AAS

I’m writing the second GALPHAT methods paper which shows more interesting applications to the real science analysis including prior, model selection and ensemble statistical inference on galaxy morphology distribution. As many people know, the main problem of bulge-disk decomposition is the more complex parameter covariance and degeneracy than single Sersic model. I have learned that the bulge/disk parameter inference based on a model with naive addition of Sersic bulge and exponential disk suffers from the poor MCMC sampling, which affects the model selection too. Therefore in this paper, we (myself and my advisors) put a mutual parameter constraints between bulge and disk component in addition to the parameter priors. This improved the result quite a lot.

Also I’m preparing a posterior for AAS meeting. I’ve been busy with applications but now I should spend my time to do some productive things.

Sadly, no holidays for me.


~ by ilsangyoon on December 17, 2010.

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