John Huchra

When I visited CfA for lunch talk today, I heard that John Huchra passed away. I couldn’t believe it since I wanted to meet him while I was visiting CfA. It was very shocking news.

I remember when I was a middle school student. I read an article featuring the pioneering work by John Huchra and Margaret Geller on CfA redshift survey, which revealed the large scale structure in the Universe. I was fascinated by this work and thought for the first time in my life, that Astronomy was fun. Although I haven’t had any chance to encounter and work with him, I feel very sad. Maybe it is because I lost one of my heros in Astronomy. R.I.P. John Huchra.

In his autobiography, I found a very interesting discussions on seven vector [with unit vectors] space which determines one’s success in scientific career.

1. Raw intelligence [S. Chandrasekhar]

2. Knowledge [A. Sandage]

3. Public relation [C. Sagan]

4. Creativity [J. Ostriker]

5. Taste [W. Sargent]

6. Effectiveness [J. Gunn]

7. Competence [M. Schmidt]

Being nearly a unit vector of at least one of them will give you a tenured job, two of them will put you in the National Academy membership, and three of them will make you a candidate for Nobel Prize.

It is horrible to image normalizing my characters in each category …..


~ by ilsangyoon on October 16, 2010.

One Response to “John Huchra”

  1. Yesterday, Margaret Geller gave a talk at Caltech, at the end she showed the image of “CfA stick man” and said “…an extraordinary collaboration, an extraordinary friendship, we are all missing him..”. I also read about him and their discovery when I was in middle school, from a book named “Lonely Hearts of Cosmos” by Denis Overby…

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