Paper: potential well as a heat bath

A draft paper studying the equilibrium and dynamical evolution of self-gravitating system embedded in potential well, is being prepared. While this work was done many years ago as my master thesis project, my ex-advisor and I have been busy without paying attention on it. After putting some efforts in last Fall, I revived this paper. 

The main point of this work is to show that a deep potential well surrounding the central self-gravitating system becomes effectively the same boundary condition as a heat bath, absorbing the energy flows from two-body relaxation in the central system. This retards the dynamical evolution of central self-gravitating system.

This boundary condition introduces an quasi-equilibrium density profile of the central system being in thermal equilibrium with surrounding potential well. The outer part of the density profile is truncated not by evaporation which is the case of King model, but by confining potential well. 

From my experience, it is almost always true that different homeworks come together. I am tired now, but happy with writing to publish the works that I’ve been working on for last several years or so.


~ by ilsangyoon on July 22, 2010.

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