What I’ve done in last few month

It has been long since the summer.

I had a two weeks vacation in Paris while participating in DUEL summer school for cosmology and gravitational lensing. It was very interesting summer school in a sense that it had practical session for reducing wide field image data using all necessary tools including SExtractor, SkyMaker, Photometric redshift estimator, imcat and catalog handling software.  The first week was lecture and the second week was this practical session.

I also rewrote my master thesis paper about stellar systems in the external potential well for publication.

For GALPHAT project, I’ve spent much time on demonstrating how GALPHAT would derive statistical inference using ensemble of galaxies and would work for real data using 2MASS.

Also recently I have compared different algorithms for calculating Bayesian evidence ratio to select model (single Sersic or bulge-disk galaxy).


~ by ilsangyoon on November 28, 2009.

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