I think that doing astrophysics is like being a leading actor in a detective story. For given clues from the observation, Astrophysicists try to construct a coherent and sequential story of Universe that we see today as a detective tries to explain what was happening based on the evidence of the case. Although the both of astrophysicist and detective doesn’t have power to reproduce the event to confirm their reasoning, the detective’s reasoning can be eventually confirmed by the suspects’ confession, however the astrophysicist’s can’t since the suspect is beyond our physical reach.

In astrophysics, there are several great “Sherlock Holmes” and many other “Dr. Watson”. To step ahead of people, the really required virtue is intuition. Sadly it can’t be learned. However I can be happy with being an Dr. Watson since even “Sherlock Holmes” in astrophysics can’t confirm their inference. Only God knows it. That’s why many astrophysicists have their own worth of existing.


~ by ilsangyoon on July 15, 2009.

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