What I have been upto.

It’s been a while since the last posting here.

I summarize what I’ve done and near future plan

1. I re-calibrate my simulated galaxies using different SN definition from Haussler etal 2007 and did same tests using large ensemble (500) of single component Sersic galaxies. The test results and reasoning behind them are survived from Martin’s critique.

2. I am doing similar analysis for BD galaxies.

3. I have revived Takeuchi’s source codes for deriving galaxy luminosity function and compare LF of my 2MASS sample and Kochanek et al. 2001.
They are similar. At least, my sample isn’t insane.

4. I have few ‘todo’ list after discussion with Martin.

In near future, I expect to make some progresses on the following part.

1. REALLY finish GALPHAT methods paper

2. Set up robust Bayes factor analysis pipeline for analysing 2MASS sample later.

3. Sampling galaxies from real luminosity function and other known parameter distribution, then access the importance of prior for reconstructing input distribution of galaxy structural properties.

4. As a pilot study, I will first reduce ~500 of 2MASS sample and really derive structural parameters, then check with the previously published observations.


~ by ilsangyoon on July 3, 2009.

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