Frank van den Bosch’s talk

Today’s talk by vdBosch very clearly summarizes the current galaxy formation and evolution research based on population study using large scale data base. From the theoretical side, we want to know prob. that certain mass of Dark halo has galaxy with luminosity L. From the observational side, we want to know prob. that a galaxy with certain luminosity L resides in Dark halo with mass M. They are connected by Bayes theorem.

P(L|M)n(M) = P(M|L)\phi(L)

where n(M) is comoving number density of Dark halo with mass M and \phi(L) is just luminosity function. These are relatively well known by theoretical and observational studies.

Several techniques(correlation length, relative velocity dispersion, gravitational galaxy-galaxy lensing) to constrain P(M|L)combining with Conditional Luminisity Function(CFL) are introduced. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages.


~ by ilsangyoon on August 28, 2008.

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