Current analysis setup and sample selection

First, generate associated point source list using postgre

1. with sample_5reffcut_9to11.txt will generate script(eg.

python file1 xmin1 xmax1 ymin1 ymax1

python file2 xmin2 xmax2 ymin2 ymax2


2. run in 2MASS image server with which is template of psql query for finding point source associated with 2MASS extended source. Then it will print out actual sql query(eg. for finding point sources for each extended source.

3. run Then it will generate files containing associate point sources.

In working machine, 2MASS_IMAGES
1.generate cpdir.txt using
2.change cpdir.txt to using chmod 755 sftp to IMAGE dir in raptor

In 2MASS server, IMAGE
4.execute, then files are copied. Note: some files may not be copied due to permission issue. make log file for later reference.
5.bzip2 -d *.bz2

In working machine, 2MASS_IMAGES
6.generate fetch.txt using
7.sftp -b fetch.txt userid@hostname .OR. sftp -o ‘batchmode no’ -b fetch.txt userid@hostname if the former doesn’t work
8 images are copied
9.use with psc list files to make postage stamp images(original, masking, stellar subtract image) from scan image
10. run with my catalog file

In working machine for BIE
11. feed output input_data.txt into module for generating many input files for 2MASS galaxies

selection criteria

psql -d wsdb -c “select designation,date,hemis,scan,coadd,ra,decl,k_m_fe,k_r_eff,k_ba,k_phi,
k_back,im_nx,ext_key from twomass_xsc where k_m_fe between 7 and 11.0 and (glat>20 or glat<-20) and cc_flg=0 and vc=1 and 5*k_r_eff < dist_edge_ns and 5*k_r_eff < dist_edge_ew
orderby k_m_fe ASC” -o ’sample_5reffcut.txt’


~ by ilsangyoon on July 18, 2008.

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