GALPHAT is Galaxy PHotometric ATtributes, which reads and models 2 dimensional galaxy image data. GALPHAT samples posterior distribution of model parameter using Markov Chain Monte Carlo technique. Full probability distribution of parameter posterior provides not only the best fit parameters but also statistically robust uncertainties of model parameters.

This is a part of my Astronomy PhD thesis project. So I will call this GALPHAT Project! I, My advisor Martin Weinberg and other committee members will use this GALPHAT software and analyze thousands of galaxy images to derive the distribution of their morphological structures. This is a large scale Bayesian census of galaxies in local Universe. Then we will make an inference on how galaxies are formed and evolving in context of current LCDM Universe.

The development has been pretty much done. We comprehensively tested GALPHAT for simulated galaxies with different properties and some real 2MASS galaxy images. The test result is pretty promising. Once all the necessary works are done, GALPHAT will be released to the public. Stay tuned.


~ by ilsangyoon on July 2, 2008.

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